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How To Use Glo free Browsing With Reality VPN


Reality VPN allows you to use premium tweakware serves for free but the problem still remains how to make it unlimited. Due to limit in free servers, Reality VPN was formed and to bypass the 250MB limit, you have to use DNS Changer. 

Today, Xclusivetek will explain ho w to use glo free browsing with Reality VPN.


Glo Unlimited Browsing and Downloading Via Psiphon and Tweakware V3.4

How To Use Glo free Browsing With Reality VPN

Before proceeding, make sure you have no credit or mb available in your glo sim.
1. Send Payu to 127 as a text message.

2. Go to APN settings on your Glo line and choose "glosecure" .

3. Download Reality VPN from the link below and install it 


4. Click reality VPN settings on the top right corner of the app

5. Select Bundle Settings and tick "Use Bundled Settings" then click select "Bundled Settings" 

Reality VPN apk_2

Reality vpn apk

6. Next choose (NGNGlo) 0.0#.
5. Go back to the main menu and connect..

 - if you encounter "maximum number of users reached" on a particular server , keep trying to connect till you get connected.

- Also note that you can't install the official tweakware app with Reality VPN apk at the same time.

If you are confused, feel free to ask using the comment box.
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