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Lumia Phones are smart phones produced by Nokia running Windows OS. As a phone user, there are times you may use tedious passwords which you might forget or you might install an app that is causing your phone to misbehave. Resetting your mobile device may be the only solution but some people find it difficult resetting it themselves because they are not aware of how to do so. You might also want to sell your Nokia Lumia phone to a friend or on online stores and you also want the phone to look new without records of your history and past data, then you have to also reset the phone. In the article I will explain briefly how you can reset your Nokia Lumia phones.


Resetting a Nokia Lumia Phone is very easy and can be done in less than three(3) minutes. Follow the simple steps below
1. Before resetting your Lumia phone, you need to power off the phone by using the Power button.
2. The next step is to press and hold the VOLUME DOWN (-) key after you have powered it off.
3. Plug a usb cable or charger and you will notice an exclamation mark sign as shown 
reset nokia lumia 
4. Quickly press the Volume UP (+), Volume DOWN (-), POWER KEY, VOL DOWN (-).

and wait until you see it sown settings sign as shown in the screenshot below
 flash nokia lumia
Once it boots up, you Nokia Lumia phone would be completely reset and it would look like a brand new phone. If you have any questions concerning this article ask using the comment box.

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