Tuesday, 18 October 2016

How To Get 5GB Free on Your Airtel Sim

Airtel has released the SmartSim offer since last year (2014) for old and new sims and for a particular smartphone purchased. So we blazers tweaked the previous smartphone offer and was given 1GB for the lucky tweakers and 500MB for the half lucky tweakers then they also released an awoof which when dial *141*13*50#,*141*13*100#,*141*13*200# you will be given 50 - 200MB which is still working till date for new lucky sim users.

So let me go back to the main point or topic. Airtel has now released another same offer again in a new and higher dimension from another smartphone, so before we activate this offer, we need to tweak (change) our IMEI to that smartphone which Airtel is giving the offer and immediately, you will get the Airtel blazing Free 5GB on your sim within a twinkle of an eye.

In Airtel, there are two ways to change an IMEI and they are; BY SMS and BY USING MTK ENGINEERING. Well, by SMS is a little bit stressful because you will have patience when tweaking with SMS or else you will give up after receiving different unnecessary messages from Airtel so if your phone support mediatek, you don't have to waste time kindly use MTK ENGINEERING for the tweaking.

How To Activate Airtel Free 5GB SMARTSIM Offer

Tweak This Imei 861143032309490 using MTK Engineering.
Make sure you use IMEI analyzer to analyze those last 4digits to your own and after you have gotten your own analyzed IMEI, kindly tweak your IMEI using MTK ENGINEERING and send JOIN to 141 and immediately, you will receive a text message saying;

You have been rewarded 5GB for 30days on activation of the Airtel Data Terminal.
Then you can check your data bundle by dialing *140# and it will display to you. As shown below;
Airtel 5GB Free
There is an easier method using SMS.
This way is simple but you need patience and do it diligently not in a hurry. You have to;

  • Enter your text message 
  • Send "S" IMEI to 232 e.g S861143032390649 to 232
  • Then you will receive "Your phone is not provisional", kindly send JOIN to 141 immediately.
  • Then you will receive your Blazing 5GB data in this format " You have been rewarded 5GB for 30days on activation of the Airtel Data Terminal. ".
  • Then start blazing with your data.
You can check your data by dialling *140# and start Blazing!
NOTE: In this method of using SMS to tweak, you will have to analyze the IMEI also. When you tweak your IMEI using SMS method, you might receive "Dear customer, you cannot activate this offer twice" it means your IMEI is getting closer kindly analyze the IMEI again and if you receive "Dear customer, you are not qualify for the smartphone offer" kindly change the 4digits entirely and tweak it again.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!
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