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Tecno Phantom 6 and 6 plus known as the beauty and the best is one phone Tecno lovers are awaiting to use. The good news is that it comes with a Type Usb Port that supports fast charging
Sort C USB port is a great charging innovation that has appreciated a ton of positive audits lately by tech specialists who truly see how the innovation functions. 

It would appear that the USB Type-C will be the TECNO Phantom 6 charger link, which I believe is a tempting extra to a cell phone as of now being adulated for spotting extraordinary specs redesigns and material configuration. We as a whole realize that small scale USB links are gradually leaving the scene for the enhanced Type-C USB variation being embraced by OEMs crosswise over load up for charging keen gadgets. 
Type C Cables
Evidently, the Type-C links make advanced mobile phone charging a considerable measure sexier also speedier as well. This implies the times of sitting tight for 4 hours for your telephone to completely charge has been disposed of which is excellent. 

What's uncommon about Type-Cs? 

New Type C USB lcables out properly trump the exceptionally well known miniaturized scale USB cables that accompany most advanced mobile phones. The following are reasons the sort C is sufficiently cool to have as an advanced cell adornment: No more cumbersome additions. 

The miniaturized scale USB configuration of advanced cell charger links can make a basic undertaking, for example, charging your PDA truly frightful, especially when you can't get the addition into the force port right. Indeed, even people well acquainted with USB ports encounter these cumbersome charging minutes on occasion. 

Charger links with sort C USB heads absolutely wipe out the restricted in addition jump; this implies whichever way a client embeds the link head to his or her advanced mobile phone just works fine. It's a slight adjusted change on the USB head and it works truly extraordinary! 

Standard 3.1 limit, speedier charging The best part of having a Type-C USB link is that you will appreciate USB 3.1 charging; with enhanced pace up to 10Gbps. That resemble double the information exchange pace of USB 3.0 (your normal charger link). 

Basically, USB Type-C links are intended for quicker charge, and it is praiseworthy the Phantom 6 will have the USB Type 6 alongside other astonishing components: Aluminum packaging with a configuration measurement of 6.15mm, double cameras and redesigned processors. 

We beyond any doubt can hardly wait for the dispatch of this gadget.

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