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Adminstrators have more advantage and priveldges than users. You can set up different users on a single PC but there can only be one administrator. Do you ponder whether it is still made for fresher variants of windows like 7,8 and 10? Indeed, the answer is yes. However, with the end goal you should see it, you need to get it actuated utilizing the Command Prompt. Jump into the article to figure out how to enable The Hidden Administrator Account Windows 7/8 and 10 utilizing Command Prompt.

Instructions to Enable The Hidden Administrator Account In Windows 7/8/10

 1. As a matter of first importance, open Command Prompt in overseer mode. For that, sort in cmd to windows seek and when the list items show up, right tap on the Command Prompt passage and choose Run as administrator option.

2. To view all your windows accounts, simply type in or copy paste the following command and hit enter.

net client 

3. Presently, to activate the hidden administrator account, you have to copy paste the following command and hit enter key.

net client executive/active:yes

4. As a matter of course, the hidden administrator account is not protected by a password. But you can easily set a password for the admin account. For that, you need to type in or copy paste the following command. You will be asked to enter a new password for your admin account. Give a new password and verify it.

5. You can disable the admin accout by simply executing the following command:

net user administrator /active:no

6. Just like the enabling of the admin account, you can easily enable the guest account in windows. For that, type in the following command and hit enter.

net user guest /active:yes

Now, if you want to disable the guest account, execute the following command:

net user guest /active:no

Note: Try enabling the hidden adminstrator account today. It is exceptionally prescribed to be extremely cautious while working from the administrator account however, as it can lead to serious issues with your system if used in an improper way.. Share  you found the article helpful.

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