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MTN Gameplus had stopped working due to the problem of auto renewal once gotten the first free 300mb. 
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Mtn has blocked many of their data free or paid plans from being used through vpns like psiphon, netify and many others and some free trial 150mb they blocked was Musicplus free 150mb, Comedyplus free 150mb data and even music plus data can't be seen fully anymore.

So I have decided to share this Mtn 150mb for 50naira for you guys but I know it will be too small for some users here especially the heavy downloaders here. So manage it and follow the process below to activate this wonderful plan.

How To Activate the Mtn 50naira Gameplus for 150mb

To activate this Gameplus data, kindly go to your message and send JW to 2200 immediately a message will pop out of your screen telling you to buy the Gameplus data for just 50naira only for a week then press 1 and ok to ACCEPT for the plan just as seen in the screenshot below.

Dial *559# to check your data balance.

Download Psiphon 108 Handler or Netify VPN Handler  or any other psiphon handler alternative and Install it.

Open ur psiphon and set this in d handler menu

Proxy sever : game.mtnonline.com

Username : empty
Password : empty
Real proxy  type : inject
Real proxy port: 80

Click more option
Vibrate : untick
connection through an HTTP proxy : tick it

Then tick use the follow settings

Host  address :
Port: 8080

Untick use proxy authentication

Then set your PHONE APN SETTINGS as


Then start flexing....the data is small but manageable .....

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