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Western Union tracking services give you an added advantage when it comes to sending money online. With Western union money tracking services, you can easily and quickly get money sent to you from any corner of the world via western union money transfer. You can also send money to anyone via western union. 
It is equally convenient and the charge is very little compared to the value you get. It does not matter how small or huge the amount is, you can always send it via western union.  You can even get it done right from the comfort of your home.

The beauty of Western union tracking services is that you can easily track the money being sent to you or the money you are sending to someone.  This gives some security and assurance that your money will not miss on the way. It enables you to know when the money gets delivered to the recipient.

What are the simple steps involved? They are discussed below.

Step 1
You will be given a receipt after you have sent the money. Make sur e you keep the receipt very well.  They will also give you money transfer control number if you do the transaction on your computer. Make sure you save this number. However, the transfer can still be tracked easily even without using the money transfer number.  But just make sure you keep it safe.

Step 2
Visit western union home page via your computer connected to the internet. You can also visit the site via your mobile device as long as the mobile device has internet access.  Click on the tab labeled “Check Transfer”. This tab is located at the right upper corner of western union home page.

Step 3
A page will open up and you will see a space where you are to enter the money transfer control number mentioned earlier. Enter this number and also enter the first name and last name of the person you are sending the said money to.

The name you enter must correlate with the name you had earlier registered with western union. After this, click on the “Check Status” tab and you will be shown the progress or status of the money you have sent.

Step 4
There is a portion of the online form where you can check your money transfer status or progress without using the money transfer control number mentioned earlier. Open this portion and fill out the short form.  As usual, provide the first and last names of the recipient. Also provide your own first and last names.  After this, click on the “Check Status” tab and this will show you the progress of your transfer.

Western Union Customer Service
How to check via phone call
Western union customer care line is 1-800-325-6000. Call this number to find out about the status of the money sent.  This only becomes necessary if the money had been sent some 3 weeks earlier without any sign of delivery.  You will require the money transfer control number earlier mentioned.

You need to follow the automated response you hear on the phone as it directs you on what to do.

For more information about western union money  transfer tracking services, you can visit the nearest western union office in your area, to find out about the status of the money you sent. You will get all the support you need there. However, note that you will need to provide the MTCN in order to check the status of your sent funds in their office. I hope you find this guide on Western Union tracking helpful.

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