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Hello viewers I will like to inform you, about android bricking, which is not very nice to witness as android user. The funniest thing is that bricking can happen to any android device , which I am going to share with you how it works and it's preventions and cure.

      What is Bricking

Bricking simply is  the condition where by your android device be it a phone, tablet,palmtop,wristwatch is no longer useful permanently as a result of software error
In other words it is simply  an android terminology which means the primary destruction of an android phone.

Bricking are in Two forms:
  1. Hard brick.
  2. Soft brick .
This two types of bricking can be explained below;

1.      Hardbrick: hard bricking pray not to have it because this is very complicated and very hard to repair because it might need professional skills and tools to repair .Your phone might not respond even if you turn it on this is the most horribble situation of your phone but I assure you there is a solution. 
2.    Softbrick:  By the name softbrick you should know this is the vice versa of the hard brick this one can be easily repaired without the need of a skilled personnel. in this period your android device might still turn on but may hang (loop) during the booting period .

The good news is that both  types can be repaired.

Causes of Android Bricking

  • Rooting of android phone.
  • Updating and changing of the operating system.
  • Normal android tweaks and cheats. 
  • Bad OTA upgrading.
  • Font installation Or files.
  • Deleting system or root files.
  • Flashing ROM.


  1. Rooting of android phone should be done carefully or with the help of a skilled engineer but  this days bricking of android phone are during rooting are 0%  assured if you follow proper instructions NOTE  during  rooting make sure you enable USB debugging  mode. 
  2. When flashing you android phone make sure you do not make mistake in flashing your device from stock ROM to costom ROM and vice versa.make sure you download the correct upgrading files from your phones website.
  3. When doing some android tweaks like changing android imei,fonts or even Operating system to Linux make sure you unroot the device 
  4. Font installation is known to be the highest cause of bricking so make sure you download wisely or just avoid it
  5. Root files should not be moved,copied or deleted. So as system files example is the boot loader, once deleted or tampered with soft bricking can easily occur

What to do when your phone is bricked

Whether hard or soft bricking there is  a way or  solution out all you have to  do is flash your phone ROM, you need to download the stock ROM and flash it using the recommended PC flash tools for your device(Note: Each device have there own flash tools e.g for Mediatek devices, you will need sp flashtools[Smart phone flash tool] for Samsung devices Odin is required etc. This is the best way of unbricking your phone or you can give it to a phone technician to unbrick it for you.

Simply notify using the comment box, your android phone that was bricked so we can put you through ways of unbricking it.

Android bricking
Causes of Bricking
What is Android bricking

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