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Advertisements (ads) on some android application can be so frustrating and annoying that will keep popping up every now and then. In some application like sport TV, advertisements makes the Application slow to stream or covers the sport live streaming making it hard to make use of that application. There is need to disable such ad activities or remove them to make this Applications function properly

How To Remove/Disable Ads Activities In Android Applications
- First you need to download Lucky Patcher before you can disable the ads activities.
Download Lucky Patcher HERE
Note: Your Android phone must be rooted before lucky patcher can work to the maximum use
- After you have downloaded it, Install it and Lauch the Lucky patcher application
-You will see various applications but I will use Omni Swipe for example
Omni Swipe helps you to easily access contacts, apps, notification.
- Click on Omni Swipe (The application I want to remove or Disable ads services)
- You will see Launch app, App info, Open Menu of Patches, Tools etc. Now Click on Open Menu of Patches

- Then you will click on Remove Google Ads next

- You will now see Turn off Google Ads services, Patch to remove Google Ads, Disable Ads Activities.

•Turn off Google Services is to temporary off Google Ads and other ads in the application
•Patch To Remove Google Ads is to permanently turn off or Disable Google ads and other annoying ads showing in the application
•Disable Ads Activities is to disable the ads services running in the application.
- Click on your desired option to disable it turn off ads services in the application.
Lucky patch will begin to turn off the Ads services in the application and within some few minutes, it would have successfully disabled the Ads services in the application, making the application ad free and easy to use.
If you experience any problem, ask using the comment box



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